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April 29, 2022 30 people Latest news

The responsibility of Shastra in India was a blessing to the ancient Hindus who discovered the amazing architectural principles that were most beneficial to human beings. When we begin to follow the principles of the sacrament, we can find peace in our homes and in our hearts. Against Shastra stands a strong umbrella that conquers negative geographical forces. Against the Shastra, a variety of positive influences on those who quickly follow the principle. “Against Shastra” helps us understand how to prevent some of these random vibrations from being affected. to prevent suffering and attract positive mental vibrations. Below is an example of the guide. Responsibility Shastra plays an important role in the field of architecture. The first requirement is a good apartment. Responsibility for shastra lies in the location of the sun and the universe. The geographical location created by sunlight is one of the main factors responsible. Therefore, these actions, along with positive signs, build a house, building, or business. Appropriate angles and doors are needed to build this world. Responsibly, if the bullet is in the southwest, southeast, or northwest corner of the home, the greater the likelihood of a conflict occurring in that home. As you can see from this fact, you need to understand the importance of Vastu Shastra in the architectural design of buildings.

  • Best Vastu Consultants in PUNE
  • Vastu Consultants Services in PUNE
  • Best Vastu Consultants Services in PUNE

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